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Hello again!

After a long time away I've returned. Hope to bring you some new stages.

All my new creations from now on will be for Mugen 1.1 only + OpenGL, and Full HD.

I'm accepting donations. If you can help, any amount would be just great! It does take a lot of time and dedication.


SSF2THDR Cammy Stage Released!

05/04/2011 19:55
Get the Cammy Stage from SSF2T HD Remix in the download section!

The Dead Pool Stage updated!

20/01/2011 00:10
Updated with bugfixes and added more animations.

The Dead Pool HD Stage Released!

15/01/2011 00:32
Go get the Dead Pool HD Stage from MK2 in the dowload section! 1280x720 only!

Chun Li released!

19/08/2010 23:01
Chun Li released! Download her at the characters section! Don't forget to read the readme.txt file, there's a lot you can change, like resolutions, powerbar and endings.

Website launched

27/07/2010 01:05
My new website has been launched today. Here you'll find all my mugen creations. Enjoy!
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If you like my creations and want to help, I'm accepting donations.