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Date: 25/07/2017

By: Shin hents

Subject: personagens

Muito show seu trabalho, mas vc vai fazer o resto dos personagens, como o balrog?, eu não acho ele em HD para baixar.
desde já agradeço, e parabéns pelo seu projeto

Date: 25/02/2017


Subject: About the project...

Great work, keep up!!!

Date: 09/02/2017

By: Enoged

Subject: Characters

Hello Parse!

Are you going to release some other characters too? or can you recommend some good characters from other peoples work for SSF2THDR? im trying to emulate SSF2THDR game with mugen close as possible :3

Im loving your work!

Date: 14/11/2016

By: Masa Haru

Subject: Stages

Hey my friend! You're stages of SSF2 HD are giving error.

Date: 17/12/2016

By: Tatnoat13

Subject: Re: Stages

Because they are only working in MUGEN 1.1.

Date: 10/08/2016

By: Centella

Subject: stages

I am sad the stages don´t work in mugen 1.0

Date: 15/04/2016

By: Zoks

Subject: Good Work

Hey, Keep up the good work man... Im still waiting for your version of Vega and his stage

Date: 20/02/2016

By: Wilmer

Subject: Characters

Hi Parse
It's a great work man, the stages are awsome, will you continue with more HD characters?
All the SF fans will apreciate your work.

Best regards

Date: 19/08/2015

By: Khan

Subject: Parse

Parse, please, go back to the project man!
This game have many potencial, this project can´t die... please answer...
You will continue this project?
There are many street fighter characters, but this chas is especial... you made amazing work.
Others creators made others characters, please make the others like balrog, vega, honda T.Hawk....
If you will not continue this amazing project, tell where is possible find the others characters sprites...

Date: 23/01/2015

By: Milton

Subject: Fantastic

Great work!
Thanks man. ;)

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