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Date: 16/11/2012

By: hakan

Subject: -

i think he is stopped this project.. this is too bad :(

Date: 01/09/2012

By: Chaz PsyKoticz


Great work on the Street Fight Char's and stages. I had to redo all my MUGEN stuff, after a loss of my computer, and you're stuff was one of the first ones I had to put into my roster.

Hope to see more from you in the future.

Date: 01/09/2012

By: nask

Subject: ...

I like your work, in addition to the Street Fighter 2 is one of my favorite old games.
sorry I have no console required to play the real version, but I guess I'll settle with mugen.
Keep the good work!
(sorry for my English)

Date: 29/08/2012

By: samet

Subject: Chars

i love your works, keep it original .. dont make evil ken, evil dhalsim or pikachu blanka or someting :D

Date: 27/08/2012

By: anghiari

Subject: character AI

im waiting for your other char/stages releases dude. that mugen have like original ssf2t AI and character/stage sprites, maybe u can use them

Date: 25/08/2012

By: joe

Subject: evil ken

you should updated ken to have evil ken like u did with ryu that would be cool thx good luck :)

Date: 10/08/2012

By: enoged

Subject: Character Sprites

hi if you are having trouble decoding sprites this guy have all characters.. I hope that was of help .. sorry for my bad engilish..

chracter sprites:

source link:

Date: 29/07/2012

By: Aumio Khan

Subject: Make Edited chars, Too !!!

Friend, you also can make Shin Bison, Bison 2 from sfex using the sprites of ssf2thd bison. You also can make an Evil Ryu using the sprites of ssf2hd ryu. Good Luck!

Date: 11/07/2012

By: joe534

Subject: Characters

i like how you made the characters keep up the good work are you gunna finish the ssf2hdr game? i hope you do i would like to play in all stages with all characters thanks :)

Date: 28/06/2012

By: Miru

Subject: Love your work

Your creations rival those of GM, POTS, and many others.

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