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Date: 19/08/2014

By: Wilmer

Subject: will this project continue?

hi Parse
I was wondering if you will continue with more releases(chars and stages), because It will be great!!!
Many fans will be appreciate your work
Hope for your reply

Date: 07/02/2014

By: RAULMK2011

Subject: chars

simplemente perfecto hasta el mas minimo detalle , espero q saques nuevos personajes, el que hace mucha falta es un E.Honda . saludos , espero alguna noticia este 2014

Date: 13/01/2014

By: Cristian Gil

Subject: Chars

Que buenos chars, te felicito, buen trabajo

Date: 18/06/2013

By: kon

Subject: char

i find the spirits in there
hope can help you

Date: 11/06/2013

By: kkxt

Subject: great stuff

Keep up the good work man, loving the characters.

Date: 06/06/2013

By: ssf

Subject: GUILE

great work friend but please release Guile next ! thanks

Date: 08/10/2013

By: dedder

Subject: Re: GUILE / SAGAT

And then Sagat.
Then Cammy

Date: 14/03/2013

By: Samet

Subject: -

thanks for the updates.. im looking here for this project all the time.. your work is too close to the original, i love it.. but characters and stage scale bigger than the original.. is there any option to change stage scale and character scales ? sorry for my bad engilish :)

Date: 14/03/2013

By: Samet

Subject: Edit

sorry, i checked your new updates, and i see your updates including character scaled down.. and much sharper :) im waiting for your other char releases for now :) there any chance to edit other peoples ssf2hdr chars to parse releases :P ? like this they are not even close to original..

Date: 20/05/2013

By: Dky

Subject: Re: -

Lindo Game Melhor que original

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